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We don’t need European fairy tales retold with dark-skinned characters

We need non-European fairy tales being told

Race-bending isn’t the answer here

Realizing that there are children who have non-European heritages and cultures who need their own stories being given representation is the answer


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we stand with Palestine.


A woman lays on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a sign that says "Nothing to see here, just another dead Palestinian."


The clashes at Qalandia, last night! 


At least 15 people were killed and more than 200 injured when a UN-run school used as a shelter in Gaza came under fire, Gazan health officials say
According to the UN The number of displaced Palestinians in Gaza is now more than double the peak number from the 2009/9 conflict. via the Guardin Live Blog

"Clashes all over West Bank, 2 Palestinians Killed and several hundreds wounded. There, too, Israel oppresses everyone"  

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